User Feedback

“Assyrian Advisors is the best program I have encountered on the web as far as aiding me with reaching my career goals. I know that there are many amazing Assyrian professionals – however, there has never been a solid means of communicating with them in a professional and structured way. I had been looking for guidance and finally found it through this organization. I got connected with multiple medical professionals that gave me life-changing advice, which ultimately steered me in the right direction. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for having such a wonderful resource. If you are an Assyrian seeking help in your profession, please reach out to them because it will be worth your time. Thank you!”

Isaac, Medical School Applicant

“Assyrian Advisors is a welcome and necessary resource for aspiring Assyrian professionals. Upon gaining acceptance to law school, I requested to be connected to a wonderful Assyrian Advisor who attends my school of admittance, Sargina. She informed me of what to expect during my first year and I am confident she will continue to be an invaluable connection in the years to come. I look forward to using her advice to create a more concrete path as I work to become a successful attorney. I am so thankful a site like Assyrian Advisors exists, because without it, I would not have been able to connect with an Assyrian professional in such an efficient and easy way.”

Ileen, Law School Candidate

“The Assyrian Advisors team was extremely helpful and efficient in the process of connecting me to both Eilrayna and Hana! Within less than one week, I was connected with both. I was able to talk to both Hana and Eilrayna about my journey during undergrad and what my plans are. They were very open and helpful with sharing their experiences and recommendations to help make my application better. They made suggestions for ways to study for the MCAT. Both Hana and Eilrayna were very positive and encouraging. I felt so much better and confident after getting their opinions about my plans. They assured me that I can always contact them if I need anything as I get closer to applying to medical schools. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity! And I aspire to be an Assyrian Advisor one day!”

Onella, Medical School Applicant

“Thank you to Assyrian Advisors for creating such a wonderful organization that allows Assyrians pursuing various career paths to gain insight and knowledge from Assyrian professionals. I was connected with Dr. Zoumalan and Rachel who answered my questions and provided me with guidance. They advised me on how to move forward in my academic career in order to pursue my interests in the medical profession. Assyrian Advisors is a resource like no other, allowing for me to make connections that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Thank you Assyrian Advisors for providing such a wonderful platform. I am grateful for the help I received and hope to be an Assyrian Advisor in the future to do the same for Assyrians.”

Nickoulet, Medical School Applicant

“I sent Assyrian Advisors an email so that I could speak to one of their advisors. I was quickly connected to the advisor that I requested. I spoke to Professor Hannibal Travis about my passions and asked him for career advice. I am currently a second-year law student and have felt the pressure of getting a corporate law job, often thinking about my career trajectory.

Speaking to Professor Travis increased my confidence as I approach the legal job market and complete my Juris doctor. I am looking forward to speaking to more Assyrian advisors as I continue my academic studies. Speaking to an individual who comes from the same community is important to me. I am even more motivated to pursue higher education and to preserve my identity because of the platform that Assyrian Advisors provides.”

Mariam, Law School Candidate

“My Advisor, Vivian was extremely kind and willing to stay on the phone with me for as long as it took to answer all of my questions. She is allowing me to shadow her over the summer, so I can have a better look into what it’s like being a Physician’s Assistant. Not having any family or friends that are PA’s, Assyrian Advisors allowed me to create connections early on with Assyrians who are there to help me succeed. I really appreciate the work of the Assyrian Advisors creators and Vivian!”

Broneka, Physician Assistant School Applicant

“Assyrian Advisors is an excellent program that gave me the academic guidance I needed as I start preparing to apply to competitive colleges. My advisor was kind and selfless. She dedicated a lot of time to helping me with tough questions. I feel that I received priceless advice that I wouldn’t get anywhere else, and it was really nice to have it come from another Assyrian. The Assyrian Advisors program will truly help our people be successful in their education and careers. Thank you guys so much.”

Renee, University Applicant

“Assyrian Advisors did an amazing job when connecting me with others in the medical field. I was able to speak to a current medical school student, as well as a practicing physician, and gained insights on how to approach my applications and career. Their experiences were not only insightful, but empowering. I was able to speak to other Assyrians that have completed this journey and were willing to give a helping hand. Thank you, Assyrian Advisors, for helping me make new connections!”

Sevet, Medical School Applicant

“I want to thank Assyrian Advisors for the wonderful resource they developed for our community. This is a brilliant platform that gives Assyrians an opportunity to create life-changing connections and relationships with other Assyrian professionals worldwide.

In just the short time I’ve been in contact with the organization, I made a connection with Vivian, a Physician Assistant from Arizona with extensive knowledge and experience in the medical field. Through this connection, I could ask questions and discuss factors such as the application process and the career itself. Assyrian Advisors gave me the opportunity and platform to connect with Vivian. I now have a lifelong connection and mentor who will be with me throughout every step of the tedious undergraduate and graduate PA process, even from across the country.

I urge other Assyrians to follow Assyrian Advisors and utilize this valuable networking resource. We as Assyrians should continue to help our fellow peers succeed so our community can be more successful and connected as ever. It’s up to us to keep our culture and heritage strong and unified, and Assyrian Advisors has created the perfect platform to do so.”

Tiana, Physician Assistant School Applicant

“Assyrian Advisors has been a great help with my endeavors to attend medical school. Applying can become a very intimidating process, especially when interview season comes around. I am grateful for the opportunity to have spoken with Dr. Zoumalan before my first interview as he helped me to prepare and focus on being myself. It was great to have another Assyrian, within the same field that I aspire to be in, speak to me, especially when he is extremely busy. Dr. Zoumalan was very helpful and gave me great pointers on what to look for in a medical school. Thank you Assyrian Advisors and Dr. Zoumalan! Your help within our community is greatly appreciated. It is amazing to see our people come together for a great cause in helping others.”

Sean, Medical School Applicant

“Assyrian Advisors is such an incredible resource! I urge anyone with our beautiful background to utilize it! It’s was really easy to be connected to a helpful Assyrian outlet and was extremely useful. I was able to connect to a fabulous individual who is an Assyrian PA, Vivian. Not only was I able to connect and meet someone new it our Assyrian community, but Vivian opened up to me about her experience through the application process to get into PA school! Having someone that has the experience that you are going through was vital for me as I continue my way through the competitive graduate program application cycle. Thanks to Vivian, and Assyrian Advisors, I got new perspectives, advice, and it made the process that much easier. This organization is something I am really thankful for!”

Nicole, Physician Assistant School Applicant

“Assyrian is an excellent advising organization. The entire organization is composed of established professional individuals from countries all over the world. They can assist with a variety of subjects. Some members not only speak English but also are very fluent in Assyrian and other languages as well. They can provide services in multiple languages and are responsive in a timely manner. I am very appreciative of their help with editing my scholarship essay. I highly recommend you get in touch with them if you need educational or professional help.”

Shmony, Undergraduate Candidate

“I sent Assyrian Advisors an email because I wanted to speak to someone who could help me make a decision about a class. I was immediately connected with James. It’s been about a month and he has helped me beyond what I could ask for. We have discussed smart study habits, goals, volunteering, how to make an application stand out, and how to write a professional email. He was also kind enough to help me choose my classes for next semester. He is truly a great mentor, I cannot thank him enough for his help. I encourage anyone who needs advice about school to reach out. Assyrian Advisors is a great resource.”

Nicole, Undergraduate Candidate

“I was recently accepted to the Civil Engineering Master’s program at San Jose State University (SJSU) with the help of Beldanin from Assyrian Advisors. He helped me during the registration process and also directed me on the courses I should take for my first semester. He also guided me based on the experiences he had during his first semester at SJSU Engineering. His advising helped me become a lot more familiar with the details of the program. I want to thank Assyrian Advisors for creating such a brilliant and useful resource for educational and career advising for Assyrians.”

Sarona, Engineering Graduate Student

“I want to start off by saying Vivian is an amazing Assyrian Advisor. She took the time out of her very busy schedule to give me useful advice over FaceTime! I think this goes to show that she is a genuinely caring leader. I am so thankful that Vivian has taken me under her wing and for guiding me on the right path. I truly appreciate it. Assyrian Advisors is a great resource and I highly recommend people to take advantage of it!”

Katherine, Undergraduate Candidate

“My experience with Advisor Advisors was awesome. I was honestly most impressed with the how quickly I was connected with an advisor. This community is filled with intelligent people from various educational backgrounds which is useful for those who are still figuring out exactly what they would like to study. I think seeking advice within your own community has a great benefit because you can connect with your advisor in a more personal way through culture. As someone who is still undecided with what they would like to study, I was interested in talking with Dr. Rhonda because of her undergraduate background. I am glad that I was able to speak with her and learn new information about dental school and the dental industry. I would definitely recommend Assyrian Advisors to young Assyrians in the community who are seeking advice from within!”

Nathan, Undergraduate Candidate

“My experience with Nathan from Assyrian Advisors was very beneficial. He gave me a lot of advice about the ins and outs of the journey to dental school, which helped to clarify many of my questions! I will definitely continue to use Assyrian Advisors in the future because it is a great resource and very convenient for students with busy schedules.”

Dahlia, Dental School Applicant

“My experience using Assyrian Advisors has been great! I was just looking at Assyrian things online one day and I came across Assyrian Advisors. Being able to connect with advisors for advice was something I found very useful, especially knowing most of the Assyrian Advisors were once in the exact position I am in now. As is the case for most of us who are first-generation college students. Overall, Assyrian Advisors is a fantastic service. Co-founders Nahrin and Bruneil have done an excellent job with this service, and I look forward to seeing Assyrian Advisors grow even more.”

 Jason, Undergraduate Candidate

“My Advisor Nahrin was incredibly kind and encouraging. She answered every single question I had prepared prior to our advising session. I am so proud of what Assyrian Advisors is doing for young Assyrians. I truly appreciate the great support they are providing to our community.”

Raghda, Pharmacy School Applicant

“My Advisor Adessa is a very sweet and intelligent woman who provided me with a lot of advice concerning my future college major. She spoke to me about her experience in college and what classes she took to help her get to what she is doing now. She advised me to continue volunteering at elementary schools and take business and marketing classes. I really appreciate being connected with Adessa. I will definitely make use of her advice!”

Sophia, Undergraduate Applicant

“I was connected with my Advisor, Aded, and spoke with him over the phone about my future dental school path and what he recommends me to do to achieve my professional goals. I was glad I had the chance to speak to a successful dental student and learn about all my options. Overall, I had a great experience with Assyrian Advisors as I have learned about all the different paths I can take to attain my own dental degree.”

Veronica, Dental School Applicant

“My Advisors Ohara and Eilrayna both helped me with their great advice to prepare for the MCAT and how to apply to medical school. I also now know how I should be preparing for my applications. Thank you Assyrian Advisors!”

Nestazia, Medical School Applicant