About Us

We believe the Assyrian culture has given our Advisors a unique advantage. That is, we understand where our users come from — their ambitions, way of thinking, and sensibly high expectations. We leverage our demonstrated experience to help young Assyrians achieve their academic and professional goals.

Meet the Team

Our Co-Founders identified an unfulfilled need in the Assyrian community. There needed to be an amalgamation of Advisors to aid the rising generation of Assyrians. We're fulfilling that need with Assyrian Advisors.


Bruneil Chamaki

President & Founder



Vice-President of Strategic Initiatives & Social Media.


Peter Lazari

Vice-President & Founder


Mary Chamaki

Vice-President of Operations & Strategy

Board of Directors


Ronald Michael

Education: Doctor of Medicine from University of Illinois College of Medicine. M.S. in Biochemistry from The University of Chicago. B.A. in Biological Sciences from The University of Chicago.

Training: Neurological Surgery Residency completed at Northwestern University School of Medicine.

Work Experience: Founder and Practicing Neurosurgeon at The Illinois NeuroSpine Institute. Active at life sciences and biotechnology startups.


Robert DeKelaita

Education: Doctor of Law from Loyola University School of Law, Chicago. M.A. in International Relations from The University of Chicago. B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from University of Illinois Chicago (UIC).

Work Experience: Principal at DeKelaita Consulting LTD. Former Immigration Attorney at The Law Office of Robert W. DeKelaita.

Assyrian Activism: Co-Founder of the Ashurbanipal Library in Chicago, Former Publisher and Editor of Nabu Quarterly magazine.